Roof Repairs

At Dynamic Roofing roof repairs we understand the importance of roof cleaning, maintenance and repairing roof leaks quickly and effectively. This is critical because protecting the exterior and interior of your property is essential. Our experienced roofers utilise a thorough damage detection process to find the cause of leaks and eliminate the problems by careful and correct procedures. Dynamic Roofing provide a guarantee on all roof service repair work performed.

roof repairs castle hill    roof service repair castlehill


Roof Repointing, Roofing Repairs and Roof RebeddingRoof pointing is a second layer which goes over the top of the bedding to help create a stronger hold for on the tiles and seal the roof against dust and water. Cement mortar used to be used for roof pointing but has been replace by flexible pointing compounds. Flexible roof pointing has been used in Australia since 1995. If your house does not have flexible pointing, we strongly recommend your roof repair be re-pointed. Cement mortar pointing is far more likely to crack and allow water in your roof. It is widely recommended be roofing professionals that your house be repointed at least once every 10 years.


The problem is, the sign of the leak is not always where the actual problem lies. We make repairs with quality products using proven techniques to make sure leaks do not occur again.

roof service repair eastwood    roof service repairs denistone


We will come out and investigate the source of your leak and rectify the cause, not just patch over the symptoms. Furthermore, we provide quality work and leak guarantee.

Most of all, we will advise and explain the source of the leak and commence work on an agreement of rectifying issues.

Roofing Repair – Skylights & Lead Flashing

Dynamic Roofing can assist you with roof leaks, gutter leaks, storm damage, ridge cap repair and blocked down pipes. Also, skylights, lead flashing and insurance work. Job site below at Roofing Repairs Marsfield.

roof repairs eastwood    roof repair lindfield

Roof Repairs – Gutters & Downpipes

Dynamic Roofing provides gutter installation and gutter repair services for residential, commercial and industrial roofing in Sydney. If you’re experiencing any kind of guttering problems, we can fix them for you. We can also check to ensure that your guttering isn’t causing possible serious risks to your premises. View images below from Roof Services Repairs Ryde job site.

roof repair marsfield    roof service repair roseville

Roof Cleaning & Roof Repairs

Most of all, our roof cleaning process includes an inspection of tiles, ridge caps for any cracks and mortar gaps. Our full roof cleaning service will include replacement tiles and rebedding or re pointing where required.

So call the roof cleaning, roof leak and roofing repair professionals and get the right advice and the correct job done, the first time.

roof service repairs cheltenham    roof repairs castle hill

Leaks and Roof Service Repairs – Dynamic Roofing provide a vast range of roofing repair services. Our dedicated Sydney based teams are here to help you.

View our before and after photos taken recently on one of our roofing repair Eastwood work sites.

roof service repairs ryde    roof repair wahroonga

Also find us at True Local
For information on our roof restoration and roof service repairs click on the following: Roof Restoration

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